Life Update: 8 Months Postpartum.

It’s been awhile since I updated the bigger picture of the Fethers Family! It’s been quite a whirlwind 8 months since the arrival of our son Christian. While I wouldn’t change a single bit of it, things haven’t always been easy, as you’ll know from my previous blogs;

That doesn’t detract from the overwhelming positives of being a mum, I still don’t overly mind night feeds, and returning to work has been mostly positive too.

Christian a handful of hours old!
Christian at 8 months (today)

Christian is now babbling away (Mama, Dada, Nana and blowing raspberries are his current repertoire), rolling over routinely on his own and amusing himself there for good half-hour periods of time, trying to sit up straight in his bouncer, and giving a range of solid foods a darn good go – Beef stew, omelet, pancakes, toast and chips to name a few. His favourite so far are Wotsits! (Don’t judge, he only gets a few now and again but they disappear very fast with very little debris left over!). He is generally a very happy, contented and chilled out wee dude!

What I’ve found and what is sometimes amazing to me is how many things I can juggle and manage to do, pretty much simultaneously. The measure of patience and calm I can experience most of the time is staggering (equally, there are times when my patience is very short – usually when I’ve had less sleep than I’m now used to – and I have to walk out of the room for 5 mins, whether it be from Husband, Baby or Dogs!).

Mums really are the masters of multitasking! For example:

  • I still manage to blog.
  • I’m working part time (2.5 days a week).
  • (Mostly) I keep the household going (cleaning, laundry, grocery runs, managing one VERY Attention Seeking Dog and one slightly incontinent one, etc.)
  • I’m secretary for my Parents-in-Law’s charity.
  • I managed to babysit my niece (7yo) and nephew (20mths) as well as my 7 month old; nobody died, everyone went to bed on time (apart from me) and my sister’s house was still intact when they got home.
  • My husband and I manage one date night a month usually; with my brother in law’s help on babysitting duties.

Balance is very important; as is asking for help when you need it. This is something I struggle with – I will wait for my husband to jump in and help rather than ask, and then get annoyed when he couldn’t see that I needed help or that something needed done. This reminds me; must do a blog post on the differences between how men and women think!! He doesn’t do it on purpose, and he isn’t a mindreader, and I am very stubborn (Lol).

We don’t always get that balance right, but we can only keep trying. Becoming a mum (or a dad) is without a doubt the hardest work you will ever do. By the same token, it is also the most rewarding and worthwhile work you will ever do, and we do love every second of it (even if sometimes we feel like we don’t!)

If you’re a parent, what has your experience of parenthood been? The highs and lows? Tell me about it!

Love, Twinkle xoxox


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