Cambodia with a 7 month old: Packing List.

*** DISCLAIMER: This blog post contains links to products that I have and use. These are not affiliate links, and I do not get any money for any click-throughs or product promotions; the products we bought ourselves and I recommend them only because we have used them and they work for us***

So – We are just back from Cambodia a couple of days ago! With a 7 month old! (Cue surprised and quizzical looks). Are we crazy? Maybe.

On a more serious note, we took all possible precautions, got all possible vaccinations and it’s not as dramatic and crazy as it sounds. And whilst I was prepared for hell with a small child on a long-haul flight, I was also prepared to be presently surprised, as our Christian tends to be pretty laid back and impresses most who meet him.

What was most frustrating about packing was that a lot of the stuff for Christian we couldn’t pack until the night before we left, as a lot of it was stuff that we need/ use for him daily, like his toys and playmat, changing gear and our first aid kit.

I’ll do a more in-depth post about the journey and holiday itself later, but for now, here’s what our packing list looked like from lots of research on the topic!

Hand Luggage Packing List:

  • Factor 50 suncream and Insect Repellant
  • Baby First Aid Kit: calpol, calprofen, dentinox, savlon, talc, infacol.
  • Toys (Bunny soft toy, knitted lovey, teethers)
  • Baby change gear in backpack
  • Passport photos (for visas when we land)
  • Passports
  • Tickets
  • Travel insurance docs
  • Change of clothes for me; change of clothes (shorts & T shirt for arrival in high temps) for Christian.
  • Blanket for travelling
  • Compact pram (We have the mothercare xss stroller which was great to even use as a seat for him when we were in cafe’s and restaurants to allow me to be hands-free – Christian wasn’t great at sitting up in a high chair at this point.)
  • Ipad/ Phone/ Headphones
  • Dummies for sleep/ take off and landing to help with air pressure changes

Main Suitcase

  • Light conservative clothes (Craig, Sarah, Christian)
  • Nursing cover
  • Toiletries (Deodorant, limited makeup, aftersun)
  • Swimwear & swim nappies
  • Baby monitor
  • Breast Milk Bags, Pump, Bottle
  • Nest for co-sleeping if necessary (one of the most useful baby things we have!)
  • Koo-Di cot (these are amazing even if we didn’t end up using it a whole bunch!)
  • Baby sling/ carrier – Useful for going everywhere and anywhere, as most places in Cambodia aren’t pram friendly and you can’t use a car seat in Tuktuks and Passapp’s!! We didn’t even bother bringing the car seat with us as our in-laws had warned us it would be bulky and awkward to travel with, to ultimately be seldom used.

Our in-laws managed to get a hold of mosquito nets, toys, a high chair and bouncer for us, as well as a travel cot which we ended up not using but good to have.

What did you find were the absolute essentials for travelling with a baby? What could you have done without?

Keep your eyes peeled for a blog on the trip itself coming soon!


Twinkle xoxox


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