Random Fact about Me – Getting back to Writing.

This last few weeks has seen me make progress on some fronts, from returning to work and not completely hating it, to getting back into blogging, and now getting back into creative writing.

I’ve loved writing little stories for as long as I’ve had a good enough grasp of the written and read English language to do so, and I have always avidly loved reading. I was one of those kids that eagerly awaited the Harry Potter books coming out and spent my entire Saturday/ weekend depending on the length of book devouring it. I would fold my duvet up and prop my pillow up in the corner of my bed to make and armchair for myself, and only come out of my room to go to the loo and eat. Cheesy as they can be, I love a good Mills & Boon, Fifty Shades and the Twilight Saga. The movies never do justice to the books!

I love reading, writing, music and drawing although I do the latter far more seldom now than ever (Sorry, Mr Johnstone!). My imagination was such that I used to get annoyed that my drawing skill couldn’t properly show the image I had in my head! I hope imagination in life and in play is something I can pass on to my son. A creative imagination is such a gift and pure escapism can never be underestimated both as a child and adult.

I believe that keeping a journal has helped me keep on top of my mental health and process big life changes and emotions over the years. I do sometimes cringe when I look back on entries I made, or the fact that entire diaries would center around the at-the-time boyfriend mainly! I was and still am a hopeless romantic – I’ve read far too many books!

Now that I am a bit older and a little more confident in my own ability, I’ve decided to start a project with a view to getting it to the stage where I could potentially self-publish and see how that went.

Inspired by a few weirdly vivid and detailed dreams (some a little smutty, some not!), I’m fleshing out an idea for a romance (but of course!). As I go along, I may post some snippets here – so if that’s what you like, stay tuned. And you may as well prepare for some more frustrated writer’s block, diary style posts along with my motherhood/ baby ones too!

Maybe when I actually start putting makeup on to play again, I’ll get back to that kind of content too, but for now this is my creative outlet!

What are your hobbies/ outlets? Do any of you enjoy reading/ writing too? Have you become a parent as well and still trying to figure out where everything fits/ if things will ever go back to some semblance of normal where you have time for your own things too? Let me know.


Twinkle xoxox


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