Blogging – Goal setting for Winter

It’s not always the easiest now getting time to sit down and put together blogs with a four month old to look after now (as well as one Attention Addicted Dog and one Sometimes Incontinent Dog – I sympathise with him but he’s a bit of a nightmare when he’s having a bad day, bless him). It often takes me a week or more to put together one blog and finalise it to the point where I’m happy to publish it! But it’s very important in anything to set goals, especially so for me whilst off with baby otherwise one day melts into the next…

However I do want to put out a blog at least once a week, and have a head full of upcoming topics – and I’m using the strategy that if I pop this post up, I’ll be more accountable for actually putting out the content!

So, a sneak peak of what’s coming….

  • Winter Lookbook – this will be a mix of comfy clothes for lounging as well as for being out and about. My outfits these days need to be comfy and practical but I do still like to look put together (even if I feel anything but!!)
  • Changing Haircolours – what bleach/ dyes I use and tips for how to get the best results!
  • Home Decor – overhauling the house while on Maternity Leave
  • What a GOOD day looks like while on Maternity Leave for me
  • Winter/ Mummy Skincare and Makeup Routine.
  • Self Care/ Pampering.

Who knows, I may even manage to get one or two videos ! (let’s not get too excited on that front though.)

Are there any topics you’d like to see me cover or hear about? Let me know in comments!

Love, Twinkle 



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