Today was Not a Good Day.

SO – as you might have guessed from the title, I’m not having a Good Day. We started off well – husband’s birthday so I slunk downstairs after the 8am feed and retrieved his hidden presents, which he got before he went to work. Little one was going well, I managed to get a full face of makeup on and then fed him before getting us both dressed.

Now – I’ll briefly explain that one of our dogs, Papi, has had bladder silt and stones, was operated on twice and is still processing through recovery from this. He alternates between complete normality, incontinence, and struggling to pee at all and needing diazepam (bloody dog has better drugs than I got for childbirth lol!).

sleeping papisleeping papi

Today/ Last night was obviously not a good night for him as there were MORE puddles all over the kitchen floor when I came down (I had cleaned up a puddle when retrieving hubby’s presents earlier in the morning). It baffles me how he pees by the oven as it is FURTHER away than the dog door to go outside is. I’m also pretty sure he’s been getting our other dog blamed for his accidents for at least a year as she wasn’t as well trained when we got her…Poor Mouse. As well as little piles of poop….nuff said. Christian was fighting his nap while I tried to get this sorted as well as get some breakfast into me.

After getting this all cleaned up and going over the floor again with a fresh bucket of water/bit of sterilising fluid and floor cleaner, I got me and Little One gathered together and headed out of the house for my nail appointment. Spent half an hour driving around Bangor trying to find somewhere to park that wasn’t a mile away on a dull wet mizzly day, walked into the salon to find that my appointment was tomorrow…not today…and I nearly cried. What a waste of effort, a waste of a face of makeup which I barely wear now…etc etc.

Needless to say, once i had some lunch and a bath, I felt a bit better. Not all days are good days, especially postpartum when your hormones are still all up the left – and that’s okay. Even if you’ve not just had a baby, some days just don’t go your way. But it IS important to remember that your good days should outnumber your bad overall. If they don’t, then maybe it’s time to speak to someone – whether it be a friend or a professional. There’s always someone to listen.

Here’s to a better day tomorrow!!

Love, Twinkle. xoxox


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