Update: 31 Weeks Pregnant!

So it’s at the start of this week that I realise “Oh Crap, I’ve 9 weeks left! That’s single digits!” and also log on here to realise that I’ve dropped off most forms of social media as well for quite a stretch of time!

However, generally all  is well and uneventful, in fact my blood pressure keeps steadily reducing incrementally every time I get checked – so my hypnobirthing, yoga and meditation must be having some effect!

Now, at 31 weeks I feel like little one is trying to escape – out of my right side, which I hate to try and tell him but it really doesn’t work! For me or him! I’m lucky to make it the 20min drive home without desperately needing the loo – even if I’ve gone literally before I left work! Our wee CJ favours lying on my left side kicking my right, occasionally sticking his bum or feet up under my ribs and head right down on to my bladder. And yes – I know that’s only going to get worse!

BUT – overall I am so so thankful. This pregnancy has been an amazing experience and journey, and after getting my energy back in second trimester I’ve been fab – very few mobility issues, I’m still as active (more so actually than before I was pregnant!) and only get the odd ache and pain when I’ve overdone the cleaning slighty, which I then take as a sign to rest! So many women seem to have hellish pregnancies with SPD, PGP and sciatica, as well as the myriad other problems that can crop up! I nearly feel guilty when someone looks at me with that really concerned face saying “And how are you?”, because my answer is usually “Fab, actually!”.

I feel more comfortable in my own skin than I think I ever have – more peaceful and empowered, definitely. Our bodies are capable of truly amazing things, of being put under a tremendous amount of pressure and coping beautifully.

One thing, as a first time mum, that has made me feel empowered, is the amount of research I’ve done on various birth options and eventualities, and what actually we have a choice in when it really comes down to it. So much hospital language uses phrases like “allowed” and  “routine” that seem to result in mums feeling out of control in their labour and birthing experience. I certainly just thought that you went into hospital and one way or another you did what you were told and gave birth on your back, whether that be naturally, assisted or by C section. Thankfully, there is a movement towards more natural birthing experiences now, and I’m so glad I did my homework to decide what I wanted and would be most comfortable with – after all, it’s when you’re at your most exposed and vulnerable! But all that is for another post.

I can say, though, that I’m looking forward to the experience (not deluded enough to believe it’ll be painless, but I like a challenge!) and I feel prepared for it. Just not for another 6-8 weeks please, CJ, despite your best efforts to kick your way out!!

What’s your experience been? Let me know in comments!






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  1. Beka XO co says:

    I love your positivity surrounding birth! I did months of research, and decided to have an unassisted, unmedicated birth in the hospital. My birth experience was everything I wanted! But leading up to it, with hospital and doctor staff, I was met with a lot of “allowances” and I really had to stand firm in what I knew to be the best option for me! I made sure to ask for midwives attending rather than OBs and they were so very understanding of my natural birth desires! There were things I was specifically told I would not be allowed based on procedure, and yet the midwives accommodated my every request! Overall, the best birth experience I could have hoped for! My suggestion to any first time mama going all natural is to set your sights on that one goal as if there is no other option. Let your support worry about plan B and what-ifs. Your body was designed to do this!


    1. Thanks for reading Beka and thanks so much for your comment – I love hearing positive birth stories from strong minded mamas!! Knowledge is indeed power as is knowing you actually do have a choice!

      I’ll have to do another update once little man is here and see how we did! But totally agree our bodies were designed to do this so going into it with the mentality that I will rock it!

      Thanks again! Xo

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