Why I’ve been noticeably absent (A bit of a hermit!) on all media…

After a great and reasonably consistent year of starting blogging/ vlogging and using social media to promote my makeup/ beauty passion with some great results, some of you may have noticed that I sorta dropped off the face of the earth for the last 4 months.

Some of you may even know why! if you’ve been paying close attention.

Back in November, after a loss of energy, inspiration and motivation, we (my husband and I) found out that we will be welcoming a new member to our family in July 2018!! Which is really really exciting, but as many mums know, the first 12 weeks and sometimes even longer, can  be a bit rough to say the least!

Now I’ve had it better than many, so I don’t want to insult, but my GOODNESS I can’t remember ever feeling so TIRED in my life before! Especially when I wasn’t doing anything unusual or out of the ordinary compared to my usual! But there it is. I was dragging my butt out of bed, going to work, coming home, dozing off for an hour or two, then heading to bed around 9.30pm/ 10pm. Total rockstar-party-animal.

THEN – let’s address the morning sickness thing. Which I believe goes hand in hand with a ridiculously heightened sense of smell. So when I say nearly EVERYTHING made me retch, I’m not exaggerating by much. Strong coffee, exhaust fumes from walking along the street, picking up after the dogs, if the airfreshener in my car was too new, the flavour of oil that my husband has been vaping with no issue for months, the smell of dirty dishes or damp dishtowel. My normally iron constitution has been failing me majestically, and despite being past the 12 week mark now, strong smells and getting up super early still kick my butt a bit in this respect. The only two foods that made me actually throw up were Rice Krispies and Porridge. Yes, weird, no, not eaten together (some people did actually ask that!)

NEXT – clothes. Now before anyone rolls their eyes, yes I know it’s early days and for a first-timer, you don’t normally show much until 4/5/6 months. But I definitely have more of a pooch than I did before in my lower tummy, and cannot bear anything too tight on me whereas before I would confine myself into slightly tight jeans in denial. Now leggings with thick waistbands and joggers are my best friend. Whilst maternity clothing can still be big and loose, I’ve inherited a couple pairs of trousers I’m swearing by right now. My husband is a sweetie and reads me pretty well, and advised my brother in law to get me some NEXT vouchers for Christmas so I could get some maternity/ comfy clothes for myself.

Next – WHY don’t you do maternity departments in store? It’s like the one time in a woman’s life (apart from jeans shopping – which I also detest) that you really do need to try stuff on!!

Anyhoo…I’m now on 13.5 weeks roughly, with slightly more energy and motivation thankfully, so bear with my lovelies, I’ll be churning out more content more regularly again very soon.

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