Madrid Blog: Work Open Day and some touristy stuff!

Hello Lovelies!

So yes – my destination for the work trip was Madrid! We arrived on Thursday night at 10pm in the end and it was still 26 degrees outside! Could get used to this!


I have to say, I do it very seldom but I love flying. It’s amazing the perspective it brings when you’re mile-high looking down on our tiny country of Ireland – and even how small the UK mainland looks!! And I love how at night when you’re coming in to land, everything seems to glitter…



When we were getting our transfer to the hotel we got a glimpse of the city and how buzzing and vibrant it was even at 10-11pm at night on a work night! There are some beautiful buildings old and new. We ate at Plaza Santa Anna, 2mins walk from our hotel. The square outside is ringed by pubs and restaurants with a really chilled out vibe, we sat outside until circa 1am in short sleeves – it was beautiful.

I have to say, a 6.30am start after 2 glasses of rose wine and a VERY long travelling day is not my idea of fun, but after breakfast we felt sorta human again!


The first day was a long one as this was the main open day for work – the reason why we were out here after all! But we got away and had spanish omelette for lunch at Torro in Plaza Santa Ana, and this was the view:


Back to work for a bunch more hours and then we decided it was time to go see some of the city:

As you can see, it was night time at this point and we had a few drinks and wound up at the karaoke bar. ‘Nuff said.

The next day we made our way out to the new Athletico Stadium:

That’s my tattooed back you can see! Tickets were far too expensive to watch Athletico and Sevilla so we decided to go for our own tour back in Madrid:

We went to the local Market which has everything under the sun food-wise and is a visual smorgasboard as well as all the other senses! We had lunch at Amici’s, a little restaurant not far from the market. The owners welcomed us like old friends, the restaurant was stunning and food more so. I will be back with my hubby! We liked it so much we came back in the evening.

And we managed to get our very own cocktail on the menu – Bananarumba – an alcoholic take of one of Amici’s smoothies the Bananarama (Guess what the magic ingredient is?!) Here is one of the owners Fabio (left) with James (right) after the discovery of said concoction:





Which made me miss my own two terribly. But Madrid is a beautiful city with beautiful people both inside and out. I’ve fallen in love with the place and can’t wait to go back.

Have you been? Where did you go and what did you love?

Back home to earth with a bump and back to work today. Back to reality! But some awesome memories to take with us!






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