Career Post: Travelling with work – a brief introduction and how-to.

So for the first time in any job I’ve had, I’m getting to travel abroad with my work! Now it doesn’t normally happen as I carry out an office manager/ admin/ PA function in my role, but on this occasion they have some heavy front end admin that they’ll need me with them to support.

Normally, I’ll be sat booking everything for these trips and never actually going myself, so I’m quite excited. I’m also going to a place I’ve never been before. (I’ll tell you where in my next blog which will be about the trip itself!)

Because I manage the social media for work, I also get the job of documenting our journey and time out there for the work profiles; so I thought I’d use the opportunity to use it to my own ends as well!

We are running an open day for IT candidates, as we have a serious skills shortage to fill in Northern Ireland in the short term while we wait for the next crop of IT candidates to come up through the universities and food chain within the IT industry; the roles we are sourcing require experience as well as raw skills and qualifications.

We are going to quite a warm country too even at this time of year; so, how to pack for such a trip? We are hoping to have a little time to enjoy and see the sights as well as work as we are going Thursday-Sunday, so the usual holiday garb or work garb doesn’t quite hit the mark!

Firstly – travelling. I want to be comfortable and warm enough on the way there but still be comfortable and practical when we arrive, depending on the local temperature! Layering is great for this. I picked up a long sleeved shirt in a comfy thin jersey material as well as a tshirt in similar fabric (Primark). Leggings (Primark and H&M) with a wide or comfy waistband are a must for me when it comes to comfort and sitting down for long periods of time! I’ve got these weezy-style trainers (Primark) in a trendy khaki-green colour which are really comfy and great for lots of walking about as well as sitting still.

So, on to packing. The trip is only 3 nights so I want to travel light – we have a lot of collateral and marketing stuff to bring with us for the event as well as laptops. We have a 20kg check in case for all that sh*t, and my carry on case will be for my stuff.

We have branded Tshirts which are none of my usual colours or style lol. I’m taking black loose trousers to wear with it so I’m comfortable and semi-smart!

I also have a few loose dresses, tops, flip flops etc optimistically for when we get a chance to have a look around. I have quite a lot of toiletries that are 100ml or under which is ideal for flying which I’ve put in clear bags to keep airport staff happy and ensure they don’t have to pull everything out of my case!

Currently sat on the mezzanine at Dublin airport on my own as I was a dick and forgot my passport, so my colleague is bringing it down with him as he had to get a later flight out – small mercies.


I’m going to do another blog after with lots of photos of the sights and outfits (If I get the chance to do it around work!) so apologies this has been a text-rich post – the next one will be loads more visual!!

Love, as always.

A Slightly Bored and Embarrassed Twinkle, signing off from Dublin Airport at 1.40pm…flight is at 5.15pm.

Thank goodness for mobile technology and blogging!



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