New Youtube Video | Purple Themed Makeup | Colour Series

Hi Lovelies!

Another video for you; I’m trying to upload more regularly and consistently with interesting content!

This time it was a purple look; I’m doing a whole series with different colours so keep your eyes peeled for those coming up. I’m trying to get one out every week!

I used a mix of products for this look; I have a LaRoc 120 colours eyeshadow palette which is what made me want to do something like this for starters, and have ordered a face paint palette which should help with vibrant bases for some of the wackier colours. I really enjoyed the creativeness of doing the Harley Quinn makeup as well.

I’ve embedded the video below; but noticed it didn’t show up well on mobile devices, so here’s the link also. Also; if you want to see any other videos or looks I’ve done, here are my Instagram and Youtube Channel links. Please do follow/ subscribe so you don’t miss anything, and I always do have a nosey at who’s looking and if I like other channels I’ll subscribe back. Enjoy!!


Twinkle xo


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