My Love/Hate Relationship with Jeans (and Myself) Part 2

So a little while ago I started a rant about the fashion industry’s not-so-standard standards and a kick up the backside for myself. That was over a month ago, so I thought it was time for an update.

So a change of gym, new Personal Trainer and changes to diet later, in the space of about 3 weeks, I’m down 5lbs, and my shape is slowly changing. I don’t feel too much slimmer but my body shape is better I would say. This is most likely down to the type of training I do in my own time; predominantly weight training, so I’m building muscle as well as losing fat – and fat weighs more than muscle so the amount of weight lost is probably deceptive.

When I’m with my PT, he does a variety of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercises with me as I hate cardio, so he tries to change it up and makes it pretty intense as I’m only with him one session a week. I try to train myself using the plan he has given me 3-4 times a week outside of our sessions.

My diet isn’t overly restrictive – it can’t be, otherwise it isn’t sustainable! I did try the Ketogenic diet for a while but last 2 weeks and then cracked and put back on the weight I had lost because I found it extreme compared to what I’m used to and restrictive. I do my best to eat cleanly – no processed food and a balance of nutrients with portion control to stay on track and support my training. I have my bad days – I’ve had lots of weddings and family events where it’s not always possible to bring your tupperware with you! But the key is it’s only one or two bad days – I don’t have to overeat either on bad days, and generally it’s one meal out of one day in one week.

I’m glad to be back at the gym – it’s great stress release, and believe it or not I feel more energetic day-to-day now, despite being busier in the evenings training! I also changed gym to one that has a pool, spa and steam room so that I have motivation to go train and then reward myself!!

I’ve started at 161lbs and I’m now down to 155.4lbs – according to MyFitnessPal there was a time a couple years ago that I was 119lbs! So I’m aiming for that, but have no specific timeline. .

What are your experiences/ battles? Let me know! And please help keep me accountable on this journey!!

Love, Twinkle.


Instagram: twinkle4391

Youtube: Sarah Alexandra Fethers


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