Busy-ness does not equal Productivity – Time for another Update

Over the last couple of months I’ve learned a very valuable lesson; despite how good or enjoyable many pursuits outside of your day-job are, you cannot do everything, and there is such a thing as doing too much – even if all your pursuits and endeavours are good or worth doing. 

It’s as important to be able to say no to things as it is to say yes!

I learned this when, as well as my day job I started my own business promoting and selling skincare and wellbeing products, as well as working on my Youtube and social media for makeup videos etc, being a trustee for my parents’ in law’s charity (I’ll do another post on that later), working doing accounts and personal admin part time for a member of the landed gentry, doing pamper parties and even trying to get back to the gym a few times a week!

The result? You never sit down in your own home for more than 5 minutes to wind down or spend time with your family/ husband etc. It is exhausting.

And don’t get me wrong – it’s all worth doing, every single one of those things. But my timing sucked. I realised that despite the fact that I may well be Wonderwoman (you didn’t know???!) that even I can’t do it all at once and not burn out.

I have read countless articles and stories on LinkedIn and Facebook from successful business people (did you like the pun with Business – Busy-ness people there?!) who all say the same thing:

To be busy is not necessarily to be productive.

More and more I started to see these articles and more and more I would hear myself say when people asked how I was doing – “I’m so BUSY!” and it almost sounded like boastfulness to me the more I noticed I was doing it.

That, and I just couldn’t take the forlorn look my dog kept giving me when I was sitting with my laptop on my knee instead of him on my knee! 15826537_10208505287371912_5362951227093493544_n

Something had to give. my Youtube was becoming boring because I was doing shorter more lacklustre videos about the products rather than doing beautiful or creative makeup – which defeated the purpose and the reason I had started doing Youtube to start with. Building my Youtube channel and continuing to do makeup was important to me, so it stayed.

The work my in-laws are trying to do in Cambodia is also very important too, and to be able to help them in this was very important to me – so it stayed.

The Gym is important – it helps me de-stress and is a form of therapy for me – I used to go about 5 times a week and was in fab shape, and it makes me down that I’m not in as good shape anymore – my mantra: If you don’t like it, change it. It’s really important. So it stays.

In terms of job experience and life experience – how many people can say they have worked for landed gentry? It’s an opportunity to help my mother-in-law again as it’s connected to her employer, and this opportunity will not come around twice – it stayed.

So – I’m scaling back the beauty/ skincare business. I’ll still do the odd pamper party and act as a distributor for the products – which are amazing! But my gut tells me that the other things in my life – including being able to spend time with that shmushy face above and my wonderful husband, are far more valuable than “Busy-ness”.

Be careful, friends. Make time in your life for the people in your life and the passions that drive you above all others – these are what matters. The other things that are further down the list, while they may be worthwhile, are not as important. LIVE your life.

P.S. Looking for a part time Gym buddy in Bangor – contact to apply!!




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