(Another) New Venture

So you may remember a previous post of mine about “loving what you do or doing what you love” ( yes, there is a difference) and this came on the cusp of taking the plunge on something new with potential.

I was approached by a fellow blogger after having watched her profile and posts for quite some time. I was struck by the positivity and motivation that emanated from her, and that of all those commenting and liking. One day I decided to ask the question so many do: “So, what is it you actually do?”. The short answer is Network Marketing. That’s a very boring way to say what this entails and what it has the potential to do for anyone, even YOU.

I’m going to give you the long way. I was always told the best way to sell or market something, is not simply to list what something is or does. You don’t sell features. You sell benefits of the features. (e.g. “Sell me this pen”)

Network marketing is about being your own boss; being in control of your journey, what you achieve and when you achieve it. Making amazing friends, freeing yourself from the daily grind. The products themselves that we work with have given many people amazing results. It’s not for nothing that our slogan is “the difference demonstrated” – it really is. But it’s not just about the product. It’s about the journey you make and the people you meet along the way. It’s the potential that this opportunity holds. It’s real, achievable, transparent and tangible. 

It’s so refreshing having such positivity in your life, and totally frees your mind.

How many of you set aside your big dreams because they aren’t realistic or achievable in your current circumstances? How many of us have forgotten that THAT’S WHY THEY’RE CALLED DREAMS, or forgotten that it is entirely possible, but entirely UP TO YOU to change your circumstances??

Let us show you how:

Become a Twinklette

Hayley Mcdonnell

Love, Twinkle. xo


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