Growing out a Pixie Undercut Hairstyle & SOME EXCITING NEWS!!!

Hello Lovelies!

Thought I would do a wee update today about the process of growing out my Pixie/ Undercut hair. I didn’t think I would see this day come, alas I have serious ponytail envy….


I have loved my short hair for the entire duration, I think I’ve had it now in various forms for about 5/6 years. However I think it’s time for something new and a bit different, and short of a buzzcut I can’t go any shorter really!

I think I last tried to grow my hair out about 2 years ago and lasted a grand total of 4 months, then I cracked. I roughly worked out that I’ve made it about 3 months right now, and it’s killing me a little inside, because the in-between stages are SO DAMNED AWKWARD.

Thankfully, I’m being saved the mullet stage because the long part of my hair covers the undercut, although it’s not yet thick enough to hide extensions well. I know this because I tried micro-ring extensions – they lasted a week. Too heavy in the small amount of hair I was able to get them into, and you could see the beads at the back of my head as well as not blending in too well or being thick enough to look good. But I tried!

Apologies for the creepy Halloween face….


So where I’m at right now is below – and I’m hoping to make it past the 4 month mark this time! I’ll update in another month or two to show my progress!

If you’re looking for tips for growing out short hair, it’s very simple; Just stop cutting it. Try and wash it as little as you can, although I think I can only manage about 3 days, otherwise it goes flat and very greasy! Thank the sweet and fluffy lord for dry shampoo and Talc! As for styling, curling is great when you have the time, but if not just try and blow dry it into shape. (I know, you’re not supposed to put heat on it either, but it’s either blow dry/ straighten/ curl or cut the damn thing off again for me!) Back-combing to add volume and shape is also a life saver. Using mousse at the bits by your ears to slick them behind your ears is wonderful too, saves you looking like you have gnarly sideburns – not attractive on women…

If anyone has any other questions, please drop them below or ping me on any of my social media, down below! I’m all for interaction!!

So, you’ve all been very patient after the microphone drop in the title!!

***EXCITING NEWS*** – I managed to bag myself an HD camera for photies and vids, so my debut on Youtube will be coming soon!!! Keep an eye on Social Media and my channel for more updates and for the premiere!!! HA. But very exciting times ahead!


Twinkle xo


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