Jamie Genevieve/ Girls Day Out Show 2016

This weekend’s entertainment saw me heading over to Scotland to meet up with one of my closest friends from when I lived there, and getting to go see one of my absolute favourite Youtubers. Bit of an idol you could say! The gorgeous women herself, Jamie Genevieve. If you love makeup videos and don’t already follow her, go. Now. Like what are you still doing here? Come back and read the rest after you’ve had a nosey!!!

Now I’m not one to give into the girly excitable tendency to gush but this woman is a serious girl crush of mine. She’s down to earth, and very relatable – especially to me having lived in Scotland for 10years and being a big fan of the accent. Even over my own Northern Irish accent (sorry guys!) 

We went to the 3pm class at the SECC in the midst of the GDO show. Madness. So many people! In all shapes and sizes and styles and amounts of makeup. The event was sponsored by Urban Decay, which is normally a bit high end for my liking (price wise). 

The queue was halfway down the massive event hall half an hour before the class was to start! So we dutifully joined and tried not to kill anyone who had the audacity to try and push in front. (Seriously though, why would you? Have some manners!) 

Jamie was very candid and funny whilst being totally herself. Even got a wee story about Droggers destroying her advent calendar and a teddy. You get the sense she doesn’t quite realise how popular she is but it’s endearing because she totally has her feet on the ground. It’s a shame she didn’t have time to do selfies with people and in hindsight I would totally have paid for the afternoon tea with her too, but my weekend was made even just with the class. 

One person asked her about advice for anyone starting blogging/ blogging and she basically said don’t be scared and be yourself and just go for it if you want it. It’s awesome that someone who is where she is is so nice and encouraging, she’s not trying to put anyone off doing it to scare off any competition. 

So before I gush any further, I had an awesome weekend. I’m a little gutted I couldn’t get near the urban decay stand to get anything with my 10% discount, but I did get some kylie lip kit dupes and some lovely Fat Lashes as well as the UD freebies so I’ll let you know how I get on with those. 

Was anyone else at it? Let me know how you got on and what deals you managed to get! 


Twinkle xo


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