Baking your Makeup – Yay or Nay?

So sorry I’ve been away for so long, guys! I was sore annoyed as I lost this post last week, just when I had finished typing it and took a huff!

So – baking your makeup! This has been a very popular trend as of late, although – gasp – as far as I can tell, it originated from drag queens and stage makeup! (for reference, Patrick Starrr has a great video showing you How To…plus any number of other Youtubers!)

Baking involves using excessive amounts of powder bopped on to your beak wherever you need the makeup to not move – or all over, if the mood takes you. You leave it on for a good 10mins or as long as you can while you move on to whatever – brows or eye makeup (particularly good if you’re doing glitter or smokey eye, because once you brush it all away – poof, fallout gone!)

Now, I was as dubious as the next newbie about looking like I had a serious substance misuse problem or had dived nose first into icing sugar or talc. But here, lads, it is the best thing since sliced bread for my oily forehead. Between baking and primer, I have this shizz under control!

Okay – powders. I’ve used everything from Collection 2000 to MUA and No7 and I have to say the best thing I have used to date – yep, you guessed it – talcum powder. Now I might think twice if I had sallow/ darker skin tone, but I’m a pale face pretending to be lifelike-coloured with the help of fake tan. And even with fake tan, this is a truly affordable winner.

You want to brighten your under-eye area – boom! Done.

You want to make sure your contour blends out so you don’t look like the bronzer attacked you? – go no further.

Honestly – try it. I bop it onto my forehead, down my nose, under my eyes and under my cheekbones/ contour area before I go in with contour/ bronzer just with the pointy end of my beauty blender. It doesn’t clog my blender up too badly either, which is a bonus. And for travelling, I just took the pans out of one of my old bronzer compacts and tapped some in there so I don’t have to carry the entire tub of Johnson’s round with me! Just be careful when wearing dark colours and opening your compact/ applying!

Let me know how you get on! I’m all up for a bit of interactivity! Keep an eye on my Instagram for possibly some pics of my powdered mug and some festive looks!


Twinkle xo


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