So, as you can see from the picture, I’ve tried my fair share of foundations. Those are only the ones in the current collection, there have been many, many, more.

My skin is a bit of a pain – In spring, I’m just about happy, in summer I’m oily, and in winter I have an oily head/ sides of nose but most likely a dry flaky tip of my nose. This makes foundations a bit of a pain, paired with the fact that I’m a bit stingy when it comes to price point.

Mum and I used to get and use these wondrous foundations from Artistry, as mum used to be a rep for them. The foundation for oily skin was a dream. My sister used to call me the painted doll when I wore it. Eureka – it came in colours pale enough and yellow enough for my winter skin! (this was before I discovered fake tan!) It was a liquid to matte foundation, and I think my pale winter colour was “shell bisque”. It kept shine at bay for the whole day, didn’t move unless something catastrophic happened, and the coverage was amazing.

Lo and behold, after trying many “drugstore” foundations that just didn’t perform the same way, I went to have a look at the artistry foundation again. £30 sodding quid. The foundation I was using at the time which wasn’t bad, but certainly not matte, even with powder, was Rimmel 16 hour foundation. Fab, great coverage and staying power (I used to go the gym in it – I know, but seriously no one needs to see my pale face, they’d think I was ill) but by 2pm I would be a bit too shiny than is permissible even for glowy skin.

I know many people who would happily spend that on a foundation, but I am not one of them. Yet. At the time I was a student, and mummy wasn’t buying my foundation for me anymore!

So, After trying many many more, I had almost conceded defeat.  Loreal Infallible isn’t bad, but doesn’t seem to have enough of a yellow tone to it’s colours that were available to me in super drug at the time to be a good match for me. I went back to see the Artistry foundation. They don’t bloody make it anymore. The makeup gods were laughing at me. And continue to.

I do recommend the Rimmel foundations, though, as an everyday they aren’t bad. For my wedding I wore a mix of Dermablend – higher end of my acceptable price range, on offer in Boots for £13 – and Maybelline Matte+Poreless to try and keep the shine at bay. It seemed to hold up okay for photos, but again by the end of the night I was a sweaty, tired, oily mess. And I did not care. Lol.

What do you guys recommend? Let me know in the comments below! If you want to know about any specific foundations, let me know, I’m planning a foundation review video but again won’t be up until after Christmas. 


Twinkle xo


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