A Little About Me

Hello Lovelies!

Thought it would be an idea to maybe tell you all a little about me. I’m newly married (July this year), I live in Northern Ireland and by day Monday – Friday I’m an Office Manager and PA for a recruitment company. Not terribly exciting but I get my kicks from adventures with my hubby, dog, horse riding and doing makeup. And shopping……. Too much shopping.

My main weakness at the moment is makeup, although it’s normally shoes. There. I said it. Let the healing begin (Ha).

I’ve always loved doing makeup, some of my fondest memories are being sat on mum and dad’s bed watching mum get ready to go out for dinner or something with dad. She had (still has) this big cream vanity case that had all sorts of treasures in it. From false nails to lovely dark red lipsticks, I was fascinated. And of course, I always thought my mummy was the most beautiful woman. She still is!

And funnily enough it became a sort of pastime for me (when I wasn’t on the back of a horse or had my nose in a book) to do my own makeup when mum eventually let me loose with some. And then I found that the tables turned – Mum started watching me do makeup! (And got repeatedly told to go away because she was putting me off!!)

SO I guess that’s how it all started. 

My husband would say that I’m quite creative (and Stubborn) and I do tend to have a look at things and go “Hmmm. I THINK I could probably manage to do that myself” (see – stubborn. Why pay for something or someone to do it for you when you can DIY?!). I made my own bouquets and posies for my wedding, and I did my own makeup for my wedding too. YouTube, Pinterest and Google are awesome tools for these things, and that’s when I started noticing that Beauty Vloggers and Youtubers doing makeup tutorials was actually a pretty big thing now – a growing industry.

And of course, my nature kicked in, I started trying things I saw some of my favourite Youtubers doing and really enjoying their videos. My favourites are Jamie Genevieve, Glam n Gore, AHitsrosa, Samantha Ravndahl, Manny MUA, and Jeffree Star amongst others. Mainly Jamie and Mykie (Glam n Gore), I’m not gonna lie…

I felt (and still feel) pretty apprehensive about starting to do it myself – insecurities kick in, start thinking why other when so many people are doing it, why would I even succeed at it, and am I any good to start with? So at first I dismissed it and thought, nah, I’ll never do it, not my thing. But the more I watch, the more the idea sits with me. I love Jamie and Samantha and the others because they come across as real people. They’re pretty normal, and not a million miles away from any one of us. I particularly identify with Jamie because she’s Scottish, and I lived in Scotland for 10 years, so the accent is familiar and comforting. Glasgow is within arms reach – not up in the clouds or away in gloriously glamorous places like Miami or Hollywood or something. Although obviously Mykie and Rosa are in America and Samantha in Canada, but it’s their personalities that make them people you can identify with. 

A big turning point was watching a Periscope Samantha did, and she talked about the bitchiness that can happen in this industry, the snobbery and Better-than-thou attitudes she has seen, and went on to say basically that everyone in the industry should be supporting each other, otherwise it won’t grow and nothing will come of it. And if you’re thinking of doing it, do it, that yes, it’s scary putting yourself out there but people want to see people who aren’t afraid to let their personality shine through, and it doesn’t matter if you’re an MUA or have no qualifications at all, if you love it, do it. 

So I came to the conclusion – why shouldn’t I give it a go? Even if it always stays a hobby or pass time, there’s nothing wrong with that if I enjoy it and bring entertainment and joy to others doing what I enjoy. 

So stuff it – Hello World! Here goes!

Now, I may still be a ways off uploading my first video, but I’m doing Instagram, I’m doing Twitter rather unsuccessfully as I have a very small following of people I basically went to Uni with, because that’s when I got Twitter and then never used it much after! But I’m trying. And I’ll get there.

So if it’s something you might be interested in, it’s all in my profile – and I’ll pop my handles down below too. Go have a look, and if you want to see or hear more, follow, subscribe, please. I appreciate every single one of you that take the time to do so. 
Thank you -sorry this was such a long post!

Twinkle xo

Instagram – twinkle4391

Snapchat – s_warner

Twitter – sarah_fethers

YouTube – Sarah Alexandra Fethers 


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